International Skills Diploma Seal

In order to obtain the International Skills Diploma Seal, a student must comply with the following components:

-7 classes with a global focus, 3 of which are the same foreign language in sequence

-20 hours of cross-cultural community service

-4 cultural experience field trips

-an in-depth Capstone Project on a different culture or country

BHS graduated 15 seniors with the International Skills Diploma Seal in 2022, the most from any Carroll County High School!

ISDS Students have participated in many community service projects including:

Books For Africa Warehouse

Pulsera Project

QUEST partnership with BES (teaching basic Spanish)

ELL partnership with BES and BMS (serving as tutors)

Raising money to buy mating pairs of alpacas for indigenous Peruvian communities

 Selling handmade bracelets, made by artisans in Nicaragua, returning all profits to the people groups who created them through Pulsera Project.

ISDS Students have attended many cultural experience field trips including:

SIFAT 24 hour poverty simulation

BAPS Mandir

Dekalb Farmers Market

World of Coke


Hispanic Flamenco Ballet

Plaza Fiesta